Crops of our creative minds

State of MatterMouth coating as an oil, light as a vapour. Bombay Sapphire, Lillet Blanc, Domain de Canton, lime, with a touch of cucumber and Pimms.

Blue CougarMature yet fresh. Yaguara chachaca, tobacco liqueur, apple, cucumber, almond.

Less than tic tacGet drunk – stay skinny. Grey Goose l’orange, 0 cal. mix.

Grapeist no 2.Fantasy taboo, adults only. Martell VSOP cognac, Rioja wine, black grapes, pomegranate, lime and walnut.

CuriositeaExcites your body, calms your mind. Tanquaray TEN Gin empowered with matcha tea, lime & grapefruit cordial and sauvignon blanc.

Fool’s GoldDelusive effect of unobvious combination. Johnnie Walker Gold Label whisky, Passion fruit and Camomile infused sake, lemon, Strega liqueur, Campari.

Springtide SmashInvigorating aperitif. Absenteroux Vermouth, fresh basil and lime leaves, grapefruit and lime.

The GardenerHerbaceous and blooming. Don Julio tequila, Pimms, Lillet Blanc, lemon thyme, rose, grapefruit soda.

Inner VisionFind the party within yourself. Ketel One Citroen vodka, Champagne, red berries liqueurs and grenadine.

MayahuelThe goddess of agave. Don Julio Aniejo, Amaretto, Apricot, Guava, lime. Mate’s House Punch – Party in da house. Monymusk Rum, Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, Nomad Whisky, honey, pineapple, lime, teapot bitters.

Double-DelingDeceiving combination. Bulleit Rye whisky, Remy martin 1738 Cognac, vanilla, strawberry, citrusy foam.

NashiOriental pear. S&L reserve vodka, nashi pear, pear sake, basil, lemon, honey.

Sex in the cinemaIn a liquid form. Bulleit Bourbon and Bacardi 8 infused with salted butter caramel popcorn, presented in company of pineapple juice and vanilla sugar.

Kinky IslandTangy blend of rich fruity flavours. Don Q Aniejo rum, kummel, mango, maraschino cherry.

NatsuJapanese summer Beefeater 24 gin, watermelon, raspberry, pomegranate, spring leaves.

Smart and HornySharp combination of fresh flavours, with an alluring touch of hot ginger. Mount gay Rum XO, Drambuie 15yo, falernum syrup, orange and lime juices, fresh mint, ginger ale and peaty accent.




 –Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

Ketel One Vodka, Grand Marnier mixed with Peach Bitter, Fresh Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Honey, Cardamom syrup, top with Prosecco


-A delicate lemony and crispy flavour

Ketel One Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Peach & Peychaud’s Bitters


 -Boost your energy and get ready

Grey Goose Vodka, Fresh Filter Coffee, White Coconut Truffle Tea, Macadamia Syrup


-Substitute of an aperitif of Pear and Prosecco

Grey Goose Pear Vodka, Roots Mastiha, Fresh Pears, Fresh Lime Juice, Cypress Bitter, top up with Prosecco


-From Russia With Love

Stolichnaya Elit Vodka, Wray & Nephew Rum, Baby Cream, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Kiwi Juice


-A graceful fusion…

Absolut Elyx Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Apple Juice, Kumquat Jam, Liquorice Bitter overwhelmed by sweet Paprika




-Excites your body, calms your mind 

Tanqueray Ten Gin with Matcha tea, Lime & Grapefruit cordial, Sauvignon Blanc and Fresh Pineapple Juice.


 -Even Mary Poppins needed one

Tanqueray Export Gin, Fresh Cucumber Juice, Fresh Ginger Juice, Honey, Roots Mastiha, Lavender Bitter, Fresh Lemon Juice


-Japanese fall with a classic London touch

Beefeater London Dry Gin , Nardini Mandorla Grappa, Roots Mastiha, Fresh Clementine, Fresh Ginger Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Angostura Bitter


-A devilish pleasure

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Hibiscus Tea Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, Italicus Bergamotto, Fresh Raspberry, top up with Champagne


-Get lost in to it

Beefeater 24 Gin, White Coconut Truffle Tea, Fresh Pomegranate Juice, Sauvignon Blanc, Wild Strawberry & Wild Pepper Bitter





 -Meet Her, Relish Her, Love Her

Zacapa 23 Rum, Raspberry Shrub, Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Lime Juice, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Liqueur


-Mummy will send you to buy one

Bacardi 8 Rum, Novikov Secret Recipe Coconut and Spices


-Have you never ride one?

Havana 7 Rum, Roots Mastiha, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Strawberry Mah Kwan Bitter, Pineapple Star Anise Bitter


-Walk among the streets of Cuba

Havana Seleccion De Maestros Rum , Amontillado Sherry, Apricot Brandy, Fresh Lemon Juice, Amargo Chuncho Bitter  


-Say it one more time

Havana 7 Rum, Wray & Nephew Rum, Tonka, Fresh Pineapple Juice  Lemongrass, Pear Jam


-Don’t get turned into it

Don the BEACHCOMBER Inspired Recipe.

Bacardi Superior Rum, Appleton Signature Rum, Gosling’s Rum, Pernod Absinthe, Maraschino Cherry Liqueur, Angostura Bitter, Grenadine, Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice, Passion Fruit & Grapefruit Juice


 -Out of this world. Trader Vic’s all time classic.

Appleton Signature Blend Rum, Trois Rivieres V.S.O.P. and Smith & Cross Rum, Orange Curaçao, Almond Syrup & Fresh Lime Juice   




 -So Sweet, So Beautiful

Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Vida Mezcal, Baby Cream, Fresh Lime Juice, Amargo Chuncho Bitter


-A Bubbly Soap Opera

Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Passion Fruit, Fresh Ginger Juice, Honey, Fresh Lime Juice, top up with Champagne


-It’s five o’clock baby!!!

Patron Silver Tequila, Aloe Vera, Jasmine Tea, Fresh Lime Juice, Grapefruit Bitter



-Her royal majesty approve

Johnnie Walker Black Whisky, Calvados, Italicus Bergamotto, Fresh Lemon Juice, Kumquat Jam


-This is a men World

Bulleit Bourbon Whisky, Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, El Dorado 15 Rum, Ratafia Wine Liqueur


 -The Perfect Cure for Everything

Chivas 18 Whisky, Honey, Fresh Ginger Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Laphroaig Triple Wood Whisky

Alcohol Free Zone: £12

(Non Alcoholic)

LAVA LAMPFlavourful Smoothie.

Fresh Pineapple, Cherry, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Almonds Syrup


Aloe Vera, Jasmine Tea, Lemon Juice

THE PASSIONATE Full of Passion

Baby Cream, Coconut Milk, Tonka Beans, Passion Fruit

BARTHOLOMEW A Taste of Paradise

Apple Lemongrass Jam, Lemon Juice, Beetroot Juice


Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Blueberry, Lemon Thyme, Lychee Juice, Lemon Juice

Selection of fresh juices – £4.5

Fresh pomegranate juice – £10

Fresh Coconut – £12

Soft drinks – £4.5


(Before dinner)

Warm upOriental, slightly dirty with a hint of fresh spices. Ketel One infused with galangal and lemon grass, Cocchi Americano, served with olive.

SunbornSubtle and mild Negroni style aperitif. Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Aperol, St Germain, grapefruit, lime.

FizzleOur signature seasonal sparkling libation. Seasonal homemade purée and falernum syrup charged with Prosecco.

Springtide SmashWake yourself up from a winter sleep. Absenteroux Vermouth, fresh basil and lime leaves, grapefruit and lime.

Wild Orchid 2.0A delicate lemony crisp, tea infused delight. Absolut Citron, St.Germain elderflower liqueur mixed with lemon juice, orange flower water, peach & Peychaud’s Bitters, sprinkled with 18 carat gold.

Fool’s GoldDelusive effect of unobvious combination. Johnnie Walker Gold Label whisky, passion fruit – chamomile infused sake, lemon, Strega liqueur, Campari.

NatsuJapanese Summer Beefeater 24 gin, watermelon, raspberry, pomegranate moleasses, aromatic leaves blend.


(Dinner matching)

CuillinLike a hot lava flooding pineapple plantation: Eruption of flavour. Grand Marnier, Talisker whisky, fresh pineapple, red bell pepper and touch of lime, crowned with a black lava salt.

Curiositea -.Excites your body, calms your mind.

Pipe it upGuatemalan rum shaken up with tobacco liqueur, pomegranate molasses and spring leaves, balanced with a touch of sherry shrub. Zacapa 23, spring leaves, pomegranate molasses, sherry shrub.

Sa-Ke-Ti-Ni Easy peasy japanesey. A mix of 4 Sake – Plum, Yuzu, Ginjo & Unfiltered, stirred and served straight up.

La Fuenteshock yourself! Don Julio Aniejo tequila, punt e mes, dandelion, cinnamon, lime, crowned with tingling crusta.


(After dinner)

Russian DollFrom Russia with Love! Stolichnaya elite vodka, Grand Marnier mixed with Peach Bitters, fresh passion fruit, pineapple, honey, and cardamom syrup top with Prosecco.

Mai TaiTrader Vic’s All time classic. Appleton VX, Trois Rivieres 8yo and Smith & Cross rums shaken with Orange Curaçao, almond syrup & fresh lime juice.

The Big KahunaTiki-Tastic exotic blend. Appleton VX and Wray & Nephew rums, Maraschino liqueur, orange bitters, homemade banana & cinnamon purée, topped with spicy Jamaican ginger beer.

Zombie -Don the BEACHCOMBER – Inspired Recipe. Bacardi Superior rum, Appleton VX Rum, Gosling’s rum, Pernod Absinthe, Maraschino liqueur, Angostura Bitters, grenadine, freshly squeezed lime, passion fruit & pink grapefruit juices.

Peacock tailLuscious arrangement of flavours. Bulleit Bourbon whisky, strawberries, rose tea, pomegranate molasses, sherry shrub, grenadine.

Summer aidHeat wave emergency service. Prosecco, yuzu sake, kumquat, strawberry, cucumber, Caribbean spices.

Thrill and Chill: £29 For Ladies and Gentlemen who prize things beautiful and refined. It is not just a cocktail it is an experience. Johnnie Walker Blue Label, pine and cashew nuts, dushi flowers, hawthorn berries, and yuzu citrus. Served with raspberries and dushi in a zesty foam.

Shogun: £29 Beautifully balanced courage. Rare and in demand – Hibiki 17 year-old Japanese whisky stirred over hand cut ice blocks with Umeshu Plum sake, Oloroso sherry, honey and Angostura Bitters.

Dignity: £50 Universal value. Johnnie Walker Blue, wild oak honey, a touch of magic. Matched with cigar flavoured dark chocolate


(Non Alcoholic)

Fresh Lemonade – A Selection of seasonal potions: Classic, Passion, Strawberry or Apple & Elderflower Lava Lamp – Flavourful Smoothie. Pineapple, Cherry, Orange, Lime, Almond.

Shibuya Soothing blend of exotic flavours. Fresh basil leaves, white peach purée, fresh pineapple juice and acacia honey.

Quenchyour thirst Strawberry, kumquat, cucumber, Caribbean spices, lemon tonic.

DragonFruity and spicy! Fresh cucumber, sweet chilli, passion fruit and lychee.

Where is your Smile?- 🙂 – Strawberry, blueberry, lemon thyme, lychee, lemon.


Bottle/ 125ml

Prosecco Brut, Ombra di Pantera  2015    £65 / £13

Louis Roederer, Brut Premier  NV  £98/ £18

Perrier Jouët “Belle Epoque” Brut   2008  £375 /  £50

Taittinger Rose` Brut   NV  £125  / £22



Bottle/ 175ml

Sauvignon, Black Cottage, New Zealand    2016    £46   /£12

Riesling “Sonnentropfen”, Karl Schaefer, Germany 2012  £52  /£13

Pinot Grigio Branko Alto Adige, Italy   2016   £65  / £17

Chablis 1er Cru “Fourchaume”, D.Hates, France 2015  £85 /  £21


Bottle/ 175ml

Cotes de Provence “C. des Demoiselles”, France   2016      £65  / £15


Bottle/ 175ml

Carmenere, Montes Alpha, Colchagua, Chile   2014     £46  /£12

Chianti Riserva, Antinori, Tuscany, Italy   2013  £70  / £16

Pinot Noir “Vielles Vignes”, Gilles Jourdan, France 2014    £75  /£18

Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine de la Solitude   2012  £88 / £22

Barolo Tre Utin, Gagliasso, Piedemont, Italy   2012    £92 /£24


Louis Roederer Brut Premier  NV    £98

Louis Roederer Brut Vintage  2009    £170

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut   2009  £490

Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Brut NV    £180

Amour de Deutz Millésime Brut 2005/06    £360

William Deutz Brut    2002    £315

Charles Heidsieck Brut Millésime  2005  £210

Jacquesson Cuvée 739 Extra Brut   NV £155

Philipponat “Clos des Goisses”, Brut 2001/06    £460

Billecart Salmon Cuvée Nicolas François Brut 2002   £345

Salon “Le Mesnil” Blanc de Blanc 1999    £750

Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Label, Brut    2006   £460

Dom Pérignon P2, Brut  1998  £1200

Perrier Jouët “Belle Epoque” Brut   2008  £375

Taittinger, Comte de Champagne Brut, Blanc de Blancs 2005    £380

Pol Roger “Sir Winston Churchill” Brut   2004  £460

Armand De Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ Brut  NV  £650

Krug Grande Cuvée Brut NV  £440

Krug Vintage Brut    2002   £920




Taittinger, Prestige Rosé Brut   NV  £125

Deutz Rosé Brut   NV    £130

Perrier Jouët “Belle Epoque” Rosé Brut   2006  £515

De Sousa Rosé Brut     NV  £145

Billecart Salmon Rosé Brut    NV  £185

Ruinart Rosé Brut  NV     £190

Louis Roederer Rosé Brut      2011   £175

Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé Brut    2007     £1350

Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Label Rosé     2004    £950

Krug Rosé   NV    £680


Louis Roederer Brut Premier Magnum  NV   £250

Louis Roederer Brut Premier Jeroboam 3ltr    NV   £600

Louis Roederer Brut Premier Mathusalem 6ltr  NV    £1250

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Magnum   2007    £1350

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Jeroboam 3ltr  2005  £5250

Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Magnum 2005/6  £1350

Perrier Jouët “Belle Epoque” Brut Luminos Magnum  2008   £1100

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Brut Magnum    NV  £370

Armand De Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ Brut Magnum   NV  £1800


Taittinger, Prestige Rosé Brut, Magnum   NV   £310

Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Rosé, Magnum  2003   £2200

Deutz Rosé Brut, Magnum   NV  £350

Deutz Rosé Brut, Mathusalem 6ltr  NV £1450

Ruinart Rosé Brut, Magnum NV £390

Billecart Salmon Rosé Brut, Magnum  NV £380

Billecart Salmon Rosé Brut, Jeroboam 3ltr   NV  £780


Franciacorta Prestige, Ca’ del Bosco, Lombardia  NV   £90

Ferrari “Perlé”, Trentino-Alto-Adige   2008   £105

Ferrari “Perlé Rosé”, Trentino-Alto-Adige   2008/09  £115



Moretti, Italy, 4.6%   330ml  £7

Moretti Rossa, Doppio Malto, Italy, 7.2%   330ml   £8

Tiger, Singapore, 4.8%    330ml   £7

Pils Loertis, Unfiltered, Novikov Selection, 4.6%   330ml   £9

Heineken 0, Alcohol Free Beer, Netherland, 0.0%  330ml  £8.5


Sauvignon “Te Koko”, Cloudy Bay, NZ   2013 £115.00

Soave “La Rocca” Pieropan, Veneto, IT   2014  £80.00

Rioja Blanco”Capellania”,Marques de Murrieta, ESP 2011  £58.00

Gavi di Gavi “Black Label”, La Scolca, Piemonte, IT     2015    £95.00

Puligny Montrachet, Domaine Bzikot, Bourgogne, FR  2015 £130.00

Meursault “Les Bouchères”, Chateau Genot Boulanger, FR  2013  £195.00

Pouilly Fumé “Baron de L”, Ladoucette, Loire, FR  2014         £220.00

Chenin Blanc “The FMC”, Ken Forrester Stellenbosh, R.S.A  2015 £88.00

Condrieu, Dom. De Montheillet, FR 2015 £120.00

Chardonnay Frog`s Leap, USA 2014    £82.00



Barbera d`Alba,E.Pira, Piemonte, IT   2015    £70.00

Brunello di Montalcino Castelgiocondo, Frescobaldi, Touscany, IT    2012       £140.00

Amarone della Valpolicella, Tinazzi, Veneto, IT    2013        £100.00

Vosne Romanée, Dom. Clos Frantin, Burgundy, FR   2011         £145.00

Gevrey Chambertin, Dujac, Burgundy, FR  2014         £160.00

Château Evangile, Pomerol, FR   1990  £860.00

Shiraz “The Dead Arm”, D`Arenberg, McLaren V., AUS    2013         £110.00

Clos Apalta (Carmenere, Cab. S, Merlot) Casa Lapostole, Chile         2010            £175.00

Pinot Noir “La Bauge au Dessus”, Au Bon Climat, U.S.A.   2012         £110.00

Ribera del Duero Aalto, Bodegas Y Vignedos Aalto, SPAIN     2013         £110.00

Merlot, Shafer, Napa, U.S.A.      2014         £135.00

Barolo Cannubi Boschis, Virna Borgogno    2009         £195.00

Château Evangile Pomerol    1995         £610.00



Côtes de Sainte Rosaline “La Chappelle” Gran Cru, Provence, FR  2014  £105.00


Small bites

Edamame V     £5.50

Spicy Edamame    £6.50

Padron Pepper V     £7.25

Wagyu Tacos  {2 pieces}     £18.50

Tuna Tacos      {2 pieces}   £17.50

Tempura Prawns     £18.90

Tofu Roll   V  £10.25

Black Cod Roll     £15.75


King Crab, Apple & Wasabi Salad    £19.50

Novikov Duck Salad    £19.50

Green Salad with Truffle V £11.25

Novikov New Style Sashimi

Yellowtail Coriander     £13.25

Yuzu Salmon   £21.90

Scallop & Black Truffle  £19.50

Hamachi Carpaccio   £27.90

Langoustine Tartar   £32.50

Tuna Carpaccio       £27.90


Sashimi Chefs Selection

3 Kind  5 Kind   9 Kind Deluxe 

£34.00   £53.00    £109.00


Novikov Selected Caviar

Royal 50g       {Large Buttery Pearls} £79.00

Hybrid 50g    {Rich and Delicate}     £75.00

Gold 50g         {Nutty and Creamy }  £70.00


Gillardeau No2 {per piece}   £6.50

Premium Sushi

Quail Egg & Truffle Gunkan V {2 pieces}  £16.75

Crab & Cucumber Gunkan  {2 pieces}   £15.00

Sushi Rolls

Crispy California Caviar Royal     £99.00

Rainbow Roll     £39.00

Scallops & Jalapeno  £19.25

Crispy Salmon Cheese       £14.00

California  £19.00

Mizuna Spicy Tuna     £16.50

Hamachi Yuzu Truffle    £18.90

Green Leaf Maki V   £10.50

Seared Salmon Avocado   £12.50

Prawn Tempura Avocado    £13.90

Rishi  Roll V  £9.50

Dim Sum

Spicy Prawn Moneybags     £7.75

Black Cod Dumplings    £9.50

Shitake Dumplings V £7.25

Beef & foie Gras Dumplings    £13.25

Scallop & Olive Dumplings    £8.50


Signature Dishes

King Crab Leg Wasabi Cream   £71.50

Peking Duck    £49.50

Novikov Black Cod    £39.75

Porcini Truffle Rice  V    £28.50

Pizza Truffle V   £43.00

Burrata with Datterino Tomatoes & Olive oil V  £18.00

Seasonal Salad V    £15.50

King Crab Salad with Avocado  £46.00

Warm Octopus Potato Salad & French Beans £33.00

Baby Calamari, Sweet Paprika & Tartar Sauce  £19.50

Linguine with native Lobster  £54.00

Australian Wagyu Sirloin “Darling Downs”     £68.50

Scottish Lamb Cutlets   £43.50

with new Season Tomatoes & Mint Sauce  

Selection of Italian Charcuterie    £14.50

Parma Ham/Coppa /Speck /Mortadella/Salame

Chefs Selection of Cheese V     

3 Kind            5 Kind         7 Kind           

£13.00            £20.00          £27.00


Novikov Reservations