Saturday 30th June| 10.30 am

Develop a new culinary skill & create scrumptious treats

 Campania’s exuberant cuisine relies on sun-kissed vegetables and herbs, dried pasta and fresh cheeses. Fertile volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius and delicious fish from the sea bring on the table some vibrant,  mouthwatering dishes.

In this hands-on cooking masterclass, you will learn how to make the delicious Fusilli from Gragnano with Neapolitan ragu’ and “Provolone del Monaco” . Find the secrets of traditional fish recipes such as Deep Fried Mixed Fish and Vegetables without forgetting the delicious dessert, Struffoli Napoletani.

Novikov pasta masterclass

Emilia Romagna Cooking Masterclass

Emilia Romagna Cooking Masterclass


Mozzarella in Carrozza with Tomato and Basil Sauce
Octopus Salad with Potatoes
Deep Fried Mixed Fish and Vegetables
Fusilli from Gragnano with Neapolitan ragu’ and “Provolone del Monaco”
Struffoli Napoletani

Join our chefs  for our intensive three-hour course. Learn to create an inspired, seasonal various dishes. It’s an ideal way to learn new tricks and have fun.


One-day course tuition

Traditional Italian breakfast

Informal lunch paired with wine chosen by our sommelier


Novikov Italian Restaurant


£75 – per person 

£25  – invite a friend for lunch


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